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A Brief History of Minicon

  Dates Memb Est. Location (City) Guests Theme
Minicon 1 January 6, 1968 60 Coffman Union (Men’s Lounge), University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) Guests of Honor: Gordon R. Dickson, Charles DeVet, and Clifford Simak
Minicon 2 April 4–6, 1969 102 Andrews Hotel (Minneapolis) Guests of Honor: Gordon R. Dickson, Charles DeVet, and Clifford Simak
Minicon 3 April 3–5, 1970 130 Dyckman Hotel (Minneapolis) Guests of Honor: Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson, and Clifford Simak
Minicon 4 1971 150 Curtis Hotel (Minneapolis) Guest of Honor: Lin Carter
Minicon 5 1971 100 Andrews Hotel (Minneapolis) Guest of Honor: Volsted Gridban (*Joke, Moshe)
Minicon 6 1972 175 Hyatt Lodge (Minneapolis) Guest of Honor: Ruth Berman
Minicon 7 1973 220 Hyatt Lodge (Minneapolis) Larry Niven, Pro Guest of Honor
Rusty Hevelin, Fan Guest of Honor
Minicon 8 1974 350 Dyckman Hotel (Minneapolis) Kelly Freas, Pro Guest of Honor
Bob Tucker, Fan Guest of Honor
Minicon 9 October 11–13, 1974 190 Minneapolis Public Library / Dyckman Hotel (Minneapolis) Guests of Honor: Judy Lynn and Lester del Rey
Minicon 10 April 18–20, 1975 510 Holiday Inn (Minneapolis) Poul Anderson, Pro Guest of Honor
Gordy Dickson, Fan Guest of Honor
Lester del Rey, Toastmaster
Minicon 11 April 16–18, 1976 500 Leamington Hotel (Minneapolis) Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett, Pro Guests of Honor
Leigh and Norb Couch, Fan Guests of Honor
Jackie Franke and Rusty Hevelin, Toastmasters
Minicon 12 April 8–10, 1977 –?– Leamington Hotel (Minneapolis) Ben Bova, Pro Guest of Honor
Buck and Juanita Coulson, Fan Guests of Honor
Joe Haldeman, Toastmaster
The Dododecacon
Minicon 13 March 24–26, 1978 –?– Leamington Hotel (Minneapolis) Samuel R. Delany, Pro Guest of Honor
Spider Robinson, Fan Guest of Honor
Bob Tucker, Artist Guest of Honor
Krissy, Toastmaster
Nothing is as it seems
Minicon 15 April 13–15, 1979 –?– Minneapolis Radisson (Minneapolis) Theodore Sturgeon, Pro Guest of Honor
Tom Digby, Fan Guest of Honor
Rick Sternbach, Artist Guest of Honor
Bob Vardeman, Toastmaster
Minicon 16 1980 –?– Minneapolis Radisson (Minneapolis) C.J. Cherryh, Pro Guest of Honor
Jon Singer, Fan Guest of Honor
Ken Fletcher, Artist Guest of Honor
Nate Bucklin, Musician Guest of Honor
Wilson (Bob) Tucker, Toastmaster
Déjà Vu
Minicon 17 1981 –?– Minneapolis Radisson (Minneapolis) Jack Vance, Pro Guest of Honor
Jerry Boyajian, Fan Guest of Honor
Kathy Marschall, Artist Guest of Honor
Reed Waller, Musician Guest of Honor
Minicon 14 April 4–6, 1982 –?– St. Paul Radisson (St. Paul) John Varley, Pro Guest of Honor
Cliff Simak, Fan Guest of Honor
Spider Robinson, Musician Guest of Honor
Forward, Into the Past
Minicon 19 April 1–3, 1983 –?– St. Paul Radisson (St. Paul) Larry Niven, Pro Guest of Honor
Pamela Dean and David Dyer–Bennet, Fan Guests of Honor
Dave Sim, Artist Guest of Honor
Spider John Koerner, Musician Guest of Honor
Steven K. Zoltan Brust, Toastmaster
Nostradamus, Proxy Guest of Honor
Backward, Into the Future
Minicon 18 April 20–22, 1984 1,450 Leamington Hotel (Minneapolis) Chelsea Quinn Yarboro, Pro Guest of Honor
Dave Wixon, Fan Guest of Honor
Steve Hickman, Artist Guest of Honor
Somtow Sucharitkul, Musician Guest of Honor
Rusty Hevelin, Toastmaster
Bob Tucker, Smooth Guest of Honor
We know what we’re doing and you don’t. Trust us.
Minicon 20 April 5–7, 1985 1,525 Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) James P. Hogan, Pro Guest of Honor
Permanent Floating Riot Club, Fan Group Guests of Honor
Stu Shiffman, Artist Guest of Honor
Bob Berlien & the White Women, Musician Guests of Honor
Kara Dalkey and Jerry Stearns, Toastmasters
Let’s you and I get normal for a change
Minicon 21 March 28–30, 1986 1,600 Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm, Pro Guests of Honor
Denny Lien, Fan Guest of Honor
Ken Fletcher, Artist Guest of Honor
Ann Passovoy, Musician Guest of Honor
Diane Duane, Toastmaster
Special Guests: Phyllis Eisenstein, Terry Windling, John M. Ford, and P.C. Hodgell
Now we’re just immoral and fattening
Minicon 22 April 17–19, 1987 1,950 Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) David Brin, Pro Guest of Honor
Fred Haskell, Fan Guest of Honor
Erin McKee, Artist Guest of Honor
Jerry Stearns, Musician Guest of Honor
Robert Bloch, Toastmaster
Special Guests: Diane Duane, Jane Yolen, and Ellen Kushner
Still Crazy After All These Years
Minicon 23 April 1–3, 1988 –?– Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) Eleanor Arnason, Author Guest of Honor
Eric Heideman, Fan Guest of Honor
Frederick Pohl, Editor Guest of Honor
Crystal Marvig, Artist Guest of Honor
Richard Feynman, Science Guest of Honor
Special Guests: Jane Yolen, David Hartwell, and Algis Budrys
Spring Forward, Fall Over
Minicon 24 March 24–26, 1989 –?– Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) Guests of Honor: Harry Harrison, George “Lan” Laskowski, Fritz Leiber, and Barry Longyear
Special Guests: Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, P.C. Hodgell, Larry Niven, and John Sladek
Zen and the Art of Fan Maintenance
Minicon 25 April 13–15, 1990 –?– Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) Jane Yolen, Guest of Honor
Kim Stanley Robinson, Author Guest of Honor
Patrick Price, “Arthur” Guest of Honor
David Thayer a.k.a. Teddy Harvia, Artist Guest of Honor
David E Romm, Fan Guest of Honor
Earl Joseph, Science Guest of Honor
Special Guests: Dave Clement, P.C. Hodgell, Dr. Joseph Romm, and Art Widner
The Silver Edition
Minicon 26 March 29–31, 1991 –?– Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) George Alec Effinger, Author Guest of Honor
David Cherry, Artist Guest of Honor
Al Kuhfeld, Ph.D., Science Guest of Honor
Suzanne V. Tompkins and Jerry Kaufman, Fan Guests of Honor
Jon Singer, Lunch Guest of Honor
Think of it as Evolution in Action
Minicon 27 April 17–19, 1992 –?– Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) Lois McMaster Bujold, Writer Guest of Honor
Ctein, Artist Guest of Honor
Dave Van Ronk, Musician Guest of Honor
Don’t Ever Be A Dodo
Minicon 28 April 9–11, 1993 –?– Radisson Hotel South (Bloomington) Susan Allison, Editor Guest of Honor
Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, Author Guests of Honor
Kathy Mar, Musician Guest of Honor
Don Fitch, Bless His Sweet Heart Guest of Honor
John M. Ford, Interesting Person Guest of Honor
Suite, Savage Minicon
Minicon 29 April 1–3, 1994 3,300 Radisson Hotel South and Wyndham Garden Hotel (Bloomington) Tom Doherty, Publisher Guest of Honor
Jack Williamson, Author Guest of Honor
Rusty Hevelin, Fan Guest of Honor
Phil Foglio, Artist Guest of Honor
It seemed like a good idea at the time
Minicon 30 April 14–16, 1995 3,500 Radisson Hotel South, Wyndham Garden Hotel, and L’Hotel Sofitel (Bloomington) Vernor Vinge, Author Guest of Honor
Dr. Robert Forward, Science Guest of Honor
Jody Lee, Artist Guest of Honor
The Bhigg House, Fan Group Guest of Honor
Glen Cook, Honored Guest
Some Assembly Required or “Would You Like Fries With That?”
Minicon 31 April 5–7, 1996 3,564 Radisson Hotel South, Wyndham Garden Hotel, and L’Hotel Sofitel (Bloomington) Suzette Haden Elgin, Guest of Honor
Ed Emshwiller, Memorial Artist Guest of Honor
Joe Siclari and Edie Stern, Fan Guests of Honor
David Ossman, Audio Guest of Honor
James P. Hogan, Science Guest of Honor
L.A. Taylor, Honored Guest
Coming to a Galaxy Near You
Minicon 32 March 28–30, 1997 –?– Radisson Hotel South, L’Hotel Sofitel, and Holiday Inn Airport 2 (Bloomington) Algis Budrys, Author Guest of Honor
C.J. Cherryh, Author Guest of Honor
Tom Doherty, Publisher Guest of Honor
Tom Lopez, Audio Guest of Honor
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Editor Guest of Honor
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Editor Guest of Honor
Michael Swanwick, Author Guest of Honor
Even Chaos has a Pattern
Minicon 33 April 10–12, 1998 3,431 Radisson Hotel South, L’Hotel Sofitel, Holiday Inn Airport 2, and Wyndham Garden Hotel (Bloomington) Gardner Dozois, Professional Guest of Honor
Dave Langford, Fan Guest of Honour
John M. Ford, Toastmaster
Phil Proctor, Mark Time Award Presenter
Heisenberg Probably Slept Here
Minicon 34 April 2–4, 1999 1,500 Hilton Minneapolis and Towers (Minneapolis) Octavia E. Bulter, Writer Guest of Honor
Mark and Priscilla Olson, Fan Guests of Honor
Dave Nee, Bookseller Guest of Honor
Minicon 35 April 21–23, 2000 850 Hilton Minneapolis and Towers (Minneapolis) Maureen F. McHugh, Writer Guest of Honor
Lenny Bailes, Fan Guest of Honor
John Berkey, Artist Guest of Honor
Orson and David Ossman, Mark Time Award Presenters
Minicon 36 April 13–15, 2001 516 Hilton Minneapolis and Towers (Minneapolis) Ken MacLeod, Writer Guest of Honour
Jo Walton, Fan Guest of Honour
Leslie Fish, Musician Guest of Honor
Minicon 37 March 29–31, 2002 637 Hilton Minneapolis and Towers (Minneapolis) Will Shetterly, Writer Guest of Honor
Emma Bull, Writer Guest of Honor
Arthur Hlavaty, Fan Guest of Honor
Rick Berry, Artist Guset of Honor
Minicon 38 April 18–20, 2003 519 The Millennium Hotel Minneapolis (Minneapolis) Robert J. Sawyer, Author Guest of Honor
Carolyn Clink, Poet Guest of Honor
Sue Mason, Fan Guest of Honour
Steve Macdonald, Musician Guest of Honor
Minicon 39 April 9–11, 2004 t.b.d. The Millennium Hotel Minneapolis (Minneapolis) Walter John Williams, Writer Guest of Honor
Sharyn November, Editor Guest of Honor
Deb Geisler, Fan Guest of Honor


Dates: Yes, there were two years we had two Minicons — 1971 and 1974. Also, there are a few years for which we have yet to track down the exact dates. (No, it’s not been Easter weekend every year, just most years….)

Minicon Numbering: Yes, we know the numbering was just a tiny, wee-bit non-sequential between 1978 and 1985. It’s a long story, and really not that shaggy.

The information about Minicons 37–39 was added on May 3, 2003, the information about Minicons 34 through 36 was added on March 14, 2001, and the information about Minicons 1 through 33 is correct as of February 22, 1999 — to the best of our ability, documentation, and recollection. Documented additions or corrections will be warmly welcomed.

Fred A Levy Haskell
Official Happy Deadwood, Minn-StF

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